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‘It has changed my life.’

Georgio van Daal is 23 years old, has a good job with career opportunities as a support engineer at IT service provider Itility, and has also started his own business. With his earnings, he manages to earn enough money for himself, enjoy activities with his family, and save money. How different things were less than a year ago. “I now live in a completely different world. My future was completely uncertain, and there was always a lack of money. But I was given a chance and I seized it.” “You persevered,” adds Benjamin Truijen from BEE-Ideas. “Despite juggling so many responsibilities, you went the extra mile. It’s admirable and shows great determination.”

What happened before

Georgio has to take care of himself at an early age. He manages quite well; working as a forklift driver, he holds various jobs in the logistics sector. However, at the age of 20, he develops back problems as a result of his work. Georgio doesn’t know where to begin in finding alternative employment. Then, his aunt points him towards

Together with career coach Karin Frensch, Georgio explores his strengths and identifies which industries might be of interest to him. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he discovered an interest in ICT and spent a lot of time practicing in that field. Fortunately, during his labor market orientation, a clear profile emerges, aligning his personality traits, talents, and motivations with a career in the ICT industry. However, this requires him to pursue further education, which poses a problem since Georgio needs to work to support himself.

That’s when BEE-Ideas comes into the picture—a foundation that bridges the gap between the shortage in the ICT job market and enthusiastic, motivated job seekers through a development program and practical training. Benjamin, along with various parties involved, explores the possibility of providing financial assistance to Georgio so that he can complete the program and cover his living expenses. They succeed in achieving this.

Difficult months

In the spring of 2022, Georgio begins his traineeship and starts working as a software developer at Interconnect. The following six months prove to be very challenging. “During that period, there were two deaths in my family. Meanwhile, I had to get by with very little money. I was under a lot of stress and even considered quitting a few times.” Benjamin remarks, “Moreover, you were placed in a tough team with strong colleagues. You were truly thrown into the deep end, a true baptism by fire. But you did it! I also believe that gaining practical experience is the only way to gain self-confidence, trust in your technical abilities, and the direction you have chosen. And you have turned it into a success.”

In August, Georgio completes the traineeship. However, the journey doesn’t end there. Now, he has to search for a job. “With little experience, I faced challenges during job interviews. It was very demotivating and quite scary. I had given my all during the traineeship, and yet I couldn’t find a job.” But then, after two months of searching, a recruiter reaches out to Georgio via LinkedIn. “They asked if I wanted to undergo further training at Itility. Of course, I wanted that! I had to do an assessment, which I missed by just a small margin. But I got a second chance: I was invited to a boot camp with 15 others to prove myself. Within a day, we had to create and present a streaming service. I was the only one selected based on my motivation and perseverance.” Georgio’s contract has since been extended.

Digging in, focusing, and seizing the experience

“That’s what I do it for!” Benjamin beams. “Georgio had tough times during his period with us. If you can push through that pain, you’ve got something. Techniques can be learned, but good communication, passion for IT, and perseverance cannot. Those are qualities—and you have them, Georgio. You’ve accomplished something significant!” Georgio adds, “The traineeship itself wasn’t even that daunting for me. Not having an income and not being able to work on my future, on the other hand, felt life-defining. Digging in, focusing, and seizing that experience gave me confidence. Thank you for the opportunity, Benjamin! It has changed my life.”

Now, it’s crucial for Georgio to continue on this path. “For now, I feel completely at home at Itility. I’m learning a lot and receiving a lot of support, which contributes to my personal growth. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, but I also know that there’s more waiting for me. Let’s see how far I can go!”

If you want to contribute to the IT prospects of enthusiastic and motivated individuals like Georgio and increase your company’s IT capacity in a socially responsible way, we recommend taking a look at the Sociaal-Innovatieplan website. They may provide valuable information and resources for achieving these goals. 

Karin Frensch, VCP/De Unie
‘If you can dream it, you can make it!’

As a career coach, Karin guided Georgio on his path to success. It was a bumpy road, as she needed a lot of perseverance to get everyone on the same page. “But if anyone deserved this opportunity to develop and believe in themselves again, it was Georgio. So, I was more than willing to advocate for him. And just look at him now. He has grown so much! It’s truly magnificent! My motto – and Walt Disney’s – is: If you can dream it, you can make it. Georgio is proof of that, and I hope he becomes an inspiration to many others!”