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‘With help from the coach in logical order and well prepared to start our own business’

Wesley (40) was born and raised in Ossendrecht. He studied Commercial Economics at Avans Hogeschool in Breda and now has 14 years of experience in the financial industry. For the last seven years, he has been working as a mortgage consultant. The idea to become self-employed actually came from his brother Joery. In fact, he was already working as a self-employed person in this industry.

What preceded

“I was not at all tired of my work as a mortgage broker, but the same was true of being employed by my employer and how they viewed the company’s working methods. My brother and I share more of the same vision in this.” So the decision was quickly made to combine their strengths and knowledge. “Now we can serve the customer the way we want to. With independent and personal advice, in understandable language and with expert answers that our customers can really use.”

Drawing up business plan together with a coach

The brothers first explored whether a franchise formula was for them. The disadvantage of this form of enterprise is that the company is then not entirely your own and you cannot fully determine your own vision and mission. They then talked to fellow entrepreneurs to hear what they were up against and how well things could be realised. After this, with the help of a coach from Benjijtoekomstproof, they wrote a business plan to elaborate their vision and mission and to determine the target groups. We also drew up a dynamic step-by-step plan together with the coach so that they could get off to a good start in logical order.

“My biggest motivation was to do it together with my brother. We think the same way about how customers can and want to be served best, and how you can make a difference with that every time. In the beginning, we ran into the fact that there was a lot to organise and arrange in order to actually start working on the main issues, rather than the side issues. But with the coach’s help, we were able to structure this.”